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Skirts - front garments

Details Fabric Size
1. Basic standard skirt with back side or side opening 1. 100% Cotton Twill. Women: 28″ to 38″
2. Pleats on front side or back side 2. 65% Polyester 35% Cotton Twill
3. Concealed zipper & button opening 3. 65% Polyester 35% Cotton Poplin
4. Elastic waistband 4. 65% Polyester 35% Viscose
5. 65% Polyester 35% Gabardine
6. 65% Polyester 35% Wool

Skirts Supplier in UAE

Front garment is premium uniform and garments supplier in UAE. Like rest of our uniform and garments items, skirts are widely popular among our customers because of good quality and affordable price. Skirts were the standard dress code for men and women in ancient times. Time has changed but the popular has enormously increased. Modern day skirts are unique in design and fabric. Some of the famous skirt types are A-line skirt, bell-shaped skirt, circle skirt, culottes skirt, divided skirt, full skirt, gored skirt, inverted pleated skirt, pencil skirt, pleated skirt, short skirt, straight skirt, underskirt, and wraparound skirt. We are providing all of the above-mentioned skirts to wide range of customers in UAE and in Gulf region.

Skirts Design and Material

The design of skirt and material depends on age, personality and body shape of a woman. Some skirt types are for young girls, some are for teens/adults and some are for elderly women.

Women Body Shape

It is highly recommended to first take a look at your body shape before buying the skirt. The most common body shapes are straight body shape, pear body shape, apple body shape, spoon body shape, hourglass body shape, oval body shape, diamond shaped body, top hourglass body shape, skinny body shape, athletic body shape, lollipop body shape and cornet body shape. It is recommended to do proper research and figure out who you are as a person and then choose accordingly. If you are still confused our fashion experts can help you figure out what to choose from our wide range of skirts. To read more about body shape please click here.

Skirts Fabric

Skirt fabric ranges from 100% cotton to 35% cotton.

More Popular Skirts in UAE

Though it is difficult to estimate which skirt is used in great number in UAE but here are some of most famous ones in UAE and in the region. Long skirt, Bell shaped skirt, A-Line skirt, Denim skirt, dirndl skirt, high waisted skirt, maxi skirt, fishtail skirt, mini skirt, pencil skirt, pleated skirt, straight skirt (for business women), cowl skirt, line blend skirt and rayon skirt.


Front garments is providing skirts from kids to adults of any age and size. the standard industrial sizes are from XSS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL.

Famous T Shirts Descriptions

Basic standard skirt with back side or side opening, Pleats on front side or back side, Concealed zipper & button opening and Elastic waistband.

Area of Service

Our head office is located in Ajman but we are providing garments and uniform in all seven emirates of UAE including Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah and Umm Al Quwain. Not only that we have extended our services in neighboring countries like Saudia Arabia, Sultanate of Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait and Iraq.

Measurement of stitching quality

The operation of sewing product must meet certain degrees in terms of quality, for each of these three areas: –

  • Styles, dimensions for emotional appeal.
  • Utility, dimensions for function.
  • Durability, dimensions for the life & utility aspects.


Stitching Quality is measured with

  1. Stitch size
    • Stitch length- Distance from one stitch juncture to the next successive stitch juncture in the sewing line.
    • Stitch width- Distance between the outermost stitch juncture or distance between the outermost edges of the lateral thread placement.
    • Stitch depth- Distance between the upper and lower surfaces of the stitch.
  1. Stitch tension
  2. Stitch sequence
  3. Elongation
  4. Elasticity
  5. Resilience
  6. Fabric distortion
  7. Yarn severance
  8. Abrasive strength

Finishing of Garments

To get defects free uniform and garment, finishing quality control is the first priority for the apparel manufacturer. Finishing quality control generally done in different sections in during finishing process,

Garment Pressing/Ironing

The main aim of garment pressing is to increase the adornment of the garments. Also, the following are the key objects of garment pressing:

  • Removal of unwanted creases and crinkles:
    Different types of unwanted creases and crinkles are happened during making of garments. It may be forms due to the washing of garments. To remove these unwanted creases and crinkles from the garments, pressing or ironing is done.
  • To apply creases where necessary:
    Sometimes, it is applied creasing effect to the garments to increase the beauty of that garments. Also, this is done before sewing to increase the beauty and proper sewing to the garments. These creases are applied by pressing.
  • Shaping:
    Dart and seam are used to the garments for proper shaping to the wearer. To increase the beauty and attractiveness of created shape by using dart and seam is done by pressing. Sometimes it needs to shrink or stretch of garments parts for shaping, generally, pressing machine consists of a special type of bed is used for pressing.
  • Under pressing:
    To do help for sewing easily and beautifully, it must need to give minimum pressing to some parts of garments before to give minimum pressing to some parts of garments before sewing is called under pressing. Specially, under pressing is done to most of the apparel industries for making Coat, Jacket, and Trouser and so on.
  • Final pressing:
    The apparels are pressed finally before folding or after making of garments, is called final pressing. It is done to increases the beauty of garments and to impart a flat appearance to the cloth or garments.

Final Step Packing

We make sure that the packing list is perfectly ok or not.

We always check the following items carefully.

  • Quantity
  • Measurement / dimension
  • Labeling / shipping mark
  • Carton sealing
  • Carton strapping
  • Carton paper
  • Carton ply
  • Quantity of product per carton
  • Assortment/ Ratio 


After these all final checking we packed in master carton as per buyer requirements.

How to place your Order

To shop your favorite Caps, polo T shirt, sportswear, knit wear, work wear, uniform, safety uniform, office staff uniform, mall uniform, banks uniform, airport uniforms, security uniforms, currier uniforms, bike rider uniforms, waiters uniforms, restaurant uniforms, hotel uniforms, hospital uniforms, nurse uniforms, doctors uniforms, hospital staff uniforms, construction uniforms, chemical handling uniforms, safety uniforms, hazard material handling uniforms, school uniforms, girls uniform, boys uniform, jacks, caps, hats, blazers, coats, bed and bath garments or any other uniform or garment product please call or send Whatsapp message on +971 527061150 and email us or sales@localhost. Our office timing is from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm (Saturday to Thursday)

Why Front Garments

Front Garments is a premium uniform supplier in UAE which is providing services from catering to the Education, Sportswear, Hospitality, Corporate, Industrial, Aviation and Healthcare sector. With attentive care and expertise, as renowned uniform outfitters, we source and import prime fabrics to meet all specific needs and requirements at superb value prices.

Our in-house team of highly skilled tailors, designers and marketing teams based in Ajman use their expertise to achieve superior product quality and deliver impeccable service and fittings to our customer’s requirements.

Front Garments believes in building a long-term relationship with the corporate houses which is maintained by sensitive caring and prompt attention given by our dedicated staff to all of our customers.

We take pride in offering our customers the best quality products at extremely competitive prices. We also guarantee the quality of all our products and also that every individual will be properly fitted and given their utmost attention.

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